Night 2

The Setup
Adventurers were teamed up to test their bravery by determining the reason the very small town of Lancaster’s residents came into the the City of Cersia unwilling to talk about why they abandoned their town.

An Imp decided to steal some ghouls and create his own little area. The town of Lancaster is situated on a thriving road that supports Cersia in trade. The plan was to capture more persons and turn the into Ghouls to build his army.

At the time our adventurers encountered the town has only 5 ghouls with the imp ruling over them. Unfortunately for the imp, he took this town in the off season.

The imp telepathically drove the mayor of the town to a paranoid state that caused the residents to flee at the first sight of Ghouls, which they thought were zombie lords because of the demented mayor everyone left.

The events
The Paladin really showed her worth allowing the Ghouls to gnaw on her armour while she and the rest of the party picked them off one by one.

The rogue prevented the imp for escaping the house by wedging the secret back door closed. This forced the imp to use more direct tactics than it’s original plan for when it was attacked.

The imp saw an opportunity to take out the druid whom was separated from the rest of the party, but she was saved by her trusty leopard. The leopard took a hit, but it appears that it avoided the evil poison that the little devils are known for.

The imp seeing that a superior force was upon him fled successfully. Fortunately for the adventurers the imp lamented waiting for the end of the off season on paper. The Warlock being trained to know some of the infernal language was able to identify the works to be taken back and deciphered.

The results
4 teams of 5 were dispatched. Each team taking on a similar event. The Valis empire thought they would kill two birds with one stone. The places the teams visited were real places where events happened instead of pre-staged areas. Unfortunately this meant not all encounters were similar. One team was completely overwhelmed when a litch looking for his stolen ghouls showed up during an encounter that was going well against some animated skeletons. This team took 3rd place.

Another team dispatched a group of bug bears, but were never able to figure out what had driven them there. This team took 4th place.

Another team figured out a vampire was working in a city and was able to apprehend him “alive”. This lead to the discovery of a much larger cabal. This team took first place.

This adventuring team took 2nd place.

The next session
Scheduled for August 3rd, tentatively. Covered the plans for the next two events in our tournament.

The Feat of Daring will involve an “maze” you will have a map of the maze, but you will not know what obstacles lie ahead of you. The maze will be very dangerous, but the big question is are you daring enough to go for the first place trophy? There will be three trophies. The Third place trophy will be the easiest to acquire ( just pick it up ) but worth the least points. The second place trophy will require some daring to retrieve, the downside is if you don’t succeed it is unlikely you will get to go for the third place trophy before someone else get’s it. The first place trophy is very difficult to get, but is worth significantly more than the second and third place trophies.

Each character will have three coins given to them at the beginning of the maze. Each coin will be worth 1/3rd of the points if that person retrieves one of the trophies. Each coin will have the visage of the owner of the coin, and grant the message ability so “team members” can stay in contact during the competition.

The feat of Chivalry is based on the most primitive use of the word “horse soldiering”. Chivalry will be represented by a pentathlon. These competitions combine everything that is needed for a warrior to prove their worth. No warrior will excel at all of these events.

  1. Swordmanship: This will be a melee encounter in which opponents will have a magical shield on them that absorbs any damage from the enemy and measures the strength of it. All your saves and bonuses will apply. The person whom does the most damage to their opponent in the shortest time wins. Just to be clear there is a time and damage component to the scoring of this competition.
  2. Archery: There will be targets set up at different ranges. There will be a accuracy, damage, and speed element to the scoring of this competition.
  3. Swimming: There will be a body of water you need to cross. The first three across are the winners. You don’t have to get wet.
  4. Horseback riding: A mount will be provided if you need one. There will be an obstacle course set up that covers a great distance. You are to follow the track. This is a race.
  5. Cross country run: This is similar to orienteering. You will have a map, locations to check into and rather simple task to do before you go to the next location. This is a race.

Non character stuff
It has been expressed that there is concern that the game is not progressing as everyone desires. There was extensive discussion about what should be done about this.

Some of the players have expressed that they feel that their characters would not participate in the tournament because it goes against their character’s nature. This is hard to understand as the advertised feature of this campaign was that it would begin with a tournament where all characters would be competing against each other for the coveted prize of +1 to any ability point.

It was expressed that there is a lack of confidence in the DM due to his lack of experience and a general feeling that he may have bitten off more than he can chew. It was suggested that it may be favorable to start with a prefabbed campaign and see where it goes. His response was if you had fun tonight let’s see about the next session. The response was mixed from the players, but a general consensus was reached that we should play the next session.

It was expressed by some players that it would be desirable to have a more party focused campaign and that pitting characters against each other caused a bit of unease with some of the players. The DM acknowledges the unease, but stated that this was the campaign he created and that he did not have the time or inclination to create another. The DM also expressed that this is an open ended world and that the players were free to take any action they wish, which included leaving the current plot and forming a cohesive party.

The DM has also expressed that if his style does not fit with the desires of the player that he is very happy to play in someone else’s campaign. This campaign has great people playing in it and I personally hope that we continue to play for a long time.

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